Photo Gallery

Air Movers Making A Difference

Pictured here was a large commercial building where water entered into many of the office rooms. Our air movers were on the job and drying out all of the rooms to prevent mold. The job was large but SERVPRO of Livonia was up to the task. 

Burst Pipe

This pipe was the result of an unheated crawlspace. This pipe was not insulated and in extreme weather conditions we have here in Michigan winters, the water in the pipe froze. Remember to insulate walls and the pipes themselves to prevent burst pipes. 

Water Damage to Furniture

In a short amount of time water and floods can cause severe damage. Water quickly invades a space, absorbing into flooring, drywall and furniture. There are many ways to minimize water damage to furniture. Placing furniture on an upper floor or on blocks and pads (about a foot off the ground) will help to distance items from the water. If the furniture isn’t able to be raised, attempt to wrap items in plastic to create a barrier.

Water Damage from Fridge Water Line

This is a photo of water damage from the water line of a refrigerator. The water had leaked behind the refrigerator and had gotten under the wood floor. This caused damage to much of the wood floor, as the wood started to curl up. The family noticed the damage due to the wood about 3 feet from the fridge. 

Mold in Livonia, MI

The grey-brown looking matter on the boards in the attic of this home was mold growing and reeking havoc. SERVPRO was able to restore the attic and make sure it was mold free and safe for living. The well being of our clients is of the utmost importance to us. 

Stove Top Fire in Livonia, MI

This is a glass top stove that suffered a fire causing it to completely shatter. The homeowner was shocked to see the damage that a fire could do to the stove top. 

Commercial Grease Fire

This is a stove that endured a grease fire, creating a mess for the business owner to clean up and restore. SERVPRO of Livonia was happy to help restore the business back to working condition. 

House Fire in Livonia, MI

This home had a fire in the upstairs. The family was struggling to comprehend the damage done to their home. SERVPRO of Livonia was ready to help and can help make the cleanup and restoration process painless for any fire damage to your home or business. 

Stove Fire in Livonia, MI

What you see here is a stove fire that completely melted the bottom of a microwave and part of a cabinet. There was smoke and soot damage all over the kitchen. The smell of smoke permeated the whole area and even the rest of the house. 

Toys for Tots

SERVPRO of Livonia is grateful for the opportunity to donate numerous toys towards Allstate's Toy for Tots toy drive. We value the community we work with and the care they show for others. This was the third year that SERVPRO of Livonia was able to participate. We look forward to partnering with other businesses in Livonia and to continue our yearly donation next year! 

Community Outreach- Home Shows

As a local member of the Livonia Chamber of Commerce, we regularly attend many chamber events. In many of the past years, one of our favorite events has been the Annual Home Improvement Show. Come visit us at the SERVPRO display tent!

SERVPRO Advantage

Water can travel and move in ways not easily visible. In order to do our best job for you, we use advance monitors, cameras and other high end equipment to make sure we don't miss a thing. We have infrared cameras which show us the water damage within the drywall. This allows us to concentrate our restoration efforts.  

Listening to You- Livonia, MI

This is a huge water loss in a library. Yes, even the local library can experience the horrible results of water damage. This job also included the care of contents of the area. SERVPRO of Livonia will care for all of your belongings with care and respect like the items are our own. 

Taking Care of Your Home- Livonia, MI

SERVPRO of Livonia takes extra care to make  sure your home is treated with the utmost care. Taking time to make sure wooden floors are covered. Corners are covered to prevent chipping and damage. we understand when going through a damage situation that the last thing you want to worry about is additional damage. We treat your home as if it were our own. 

Our Fleet

We keep our fleet in tip top shape so that we can respond faster to jobs of any size. When it comes to restoration for both residential and commercial properties we are available 24/7.